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Couples Intensives


The affects of sexual addiction can be devastating to a relationship. Sometimes, when the relationship is in crisis, immediate and intensive intervention can be helpful in beginning the journey toward healing and restoration. Couples Intensives create a personalized experience for restoring and rebuilding relationships that are in turmoil.


As part of a team approach, we will begin to address the structural damage that takes place in most systems within sexually addictive relationships. You will attain skills and goals to help you rebuild your relationship after the awareness of sexual addiction. Most intensives include psychoeducation, individual coaching/ counseling sessions for the addict and partner, and one to two couples sessions per day.


Heal your relationship now.

Create your own customized intensive:

For more information, call: (310) 721-2119

Couples Workshops


Dr. Judith Herman refers to relational trauma as;

Trauma, particularly trauma inflicted on one person by another, constitutes relational trauma and is characterized by a “violation of human connection."


Dr. Barbara Steffens, leading partner trauma specialist describes relationship trauma like this:

Relational trauma, often called attachment injuries, occurs when one person betrays, abandons, or refuses to provide support for another person with whom he or she has developed an attachment bond."


Typically, what happens for couples struggling with sexual addiction is that when one partner is triggered the other partner becomes triggered as well, and the couple falls down the proverbial rabbit hole known as the “trauma vortex.” Couples experience this as a very painful cycle of relational rupture, whereby each partner becomes the source of danger to the other and the relationship becomes unsafe. The goal of this workshop is to help you understand how to create a “safe haven” within the context of your relationship.


At the heart of every great relationship is a secure attachment base, this includes love, trust, safety, and knowledge that my partner gets me, and will walk through fire with me. As coaches/therapists, we partner with couples to help them slay the dragon of sexual addiction to come out on the other side.


Restore the love, trust, and connection.

For more information, call: (310) 721-2119

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